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Friday, January 27, 2006

It's late. . .

So, not to be outdone by Sandy, I felt the need for an update. Maybe it's just really procrastination - I'm supposed to be studying for a Business Law final which im taking in a little over twelve hours. You're probably asking yourself why I'm taking a final in late-January. Good question! It's a make-up final from last semester on which I have to get a B to continue living I guess. Not much else going on in my life. Still doing crazy Red Cross things. Recently unemployed. Still living in the non-air conditioned dorm. Recently changed the design of my blog. Still driving the Volvo. Still haven't won the lottery.

I am going to be doing quite a bit of Red Cross travel in the next few months, thanks to American Airlines, the official airline of me. Here's the schedule:

Feb. 3-7 - Washington, DC - American Red Cross Board of Governor's Meeting
Feb. 8-9 - Pasadena, CA - American Red Cross Metro Manager's Association Meeting
Feb. 18 - DFW Airport Area - Delta Sigma Phi Regional Leadership Academy
Mar. 9-12 - Washington, DC - American Red Cross National Youth Council Meeting
Mar. 13-18 - Miami, FL - American Red Cross National Youth Council Chairs' Retreat (aka Spring Break)
Mar. 19 - American Airlines - Flight Back to Reality

I don't really know what the point for posting all of this was, but believe me, there is one. I just can't remember it right now. To close, as a late new year's resolution, I promise I will do my best to post more frequently and include more pictures. I have a digital camera that sits in my room and collects dust. It's late and I need sleep.


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