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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm still alive!

So, I know that is have been ages since I have updates. . .51 days to be exact! What can i say? I'm a busy guy. So, let's cover the major events since March 1st.

First, I had a National Youth Council Meeting in Washington, DC followed by Spring Break in Miami, FL and Key West, FL. The council meeting was a lot of fun; we got to stay in the Watergate Hotel, shouting distance from Condi's condo. It is my understanding that the hotel is going to be converted to condos in the near future, making hotel stays there a thing of the past. The National Youth Council held their meeting in the recently renovated Board of Governors Hall at the American Red Cross National Headquarters, with the Tiffany windows watching over us and our every move. So after 3 days of council meetings, running around crazy all over DC, and having the hardest time catching a cab EVER (Sandy and I were trying to get a cab back to her apartment from near the Red Cross on a Sunday afternoon. . .I think we stood on like 10 street corners. . .it was such a lost cause. . .and then the cab driver that finally stopped said it was OUR fault for being in the "wrong place"), it was time for spring break!

Thanks to my American Airlines AAdvantage Gold status (which I have thanks to the Red Cross), Sandy and I got upgraded to First Class for our midday flight down to Miami. This was a nice treat, considering how much walking around DC we did the Thursday before our meeting looking for a couple of birthday gifts for a certain someone. We were treated to a chilled lunch offering of either a turkey wrap or chicken breast with pasta (we both had the chicken). We arrived in Miami on Monday afternoon refreshed and ready to hit the beach.

My uncle picked us up from the airport and whisked us away to his home on Miami Beach. We were fortunate enough to have my uncle put us up at his place for the duration of our visit. He just had a new pool completed in the backyard, so that made our stay even more enjoyable. Ok, so I'm going to be honest with everyone and tell you that I am way too tired to continue. . .I'll add to this post later.