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Friday, August 26, 2005

Guess who's back. . .school's back. . .

So, it has been an excellent first week of school here in San Marcos, TX. I woke up at 6:30 on Wednesday morning all ready to learn! I am taking six classes this semester: Microeconomics*, Macroeconomics*, Business Law*, Quantitative Methods and Statistics, Political Science, and Fencing. (The * indicates a repeat class.) All of my classes, are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays for studying and being lazy. Except for fencing, all of my classes are back to back, 8 am-1 pm. This isn't really that bad of a schedule because I have all of my downtime in the afternoon, when everyone else is in class. Also, I like the 50-minute classes a lot better than the 75-minute classes. So far, I have not had any problems getting up to go to class. We'll see how long that lasts.

Today in Political Science class, my professor started lecturing from slides. My most extraordinary friend Rebecca kindly printed a copy of the slides out for me to take notes on, as is customary here at Texas State. Well, let me tell you, this Professor stayed on ONE single slide for the entire class. This is just ridiculous. In my opinion, there should be NO way that one should be allowed to talk about a single slide for over 1-2 minutes. The funny thing is, I pay for this class, but I have no say as to what I get. Higher education. . .what a backwards market.

So that's about it really. My brother Sean is starting his first year at Florida International in Miami next week. He is there a bit early for band camp and got to experience a hurricane yesterday evening. Pretty bizarre. Ok, I'm off. It is 97 degrees in my room and I'm sweating profusely.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Burning Up

So, I know it's been quite a while, but, let me tell you, I've been extremely busy. I moved into my dormitory on Saturday. I finally got settled after the mandatory 80 billion trips to WAL*MART. But let me really tell you, I don't have air conditioning. Currently, my room is 90 degrees! I'm literally melting. However, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. And believe me, I have had plenty of offers to sleep on couches and such in air conditioned comfort. But, I cannot accept because I must punish myself for bad grades.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Zealand

So, I was watching TV earlier and this commerical came on for New Zealand. They tell you to go to their website. The funny thing is, the music from the commerical keeps on saying ". . .you've been waiting, you've been waiting tooo loooong. . .", which, indeed, I have. I really want to go explore Australia and New Zealand. A 2 week trip to both locales is a mere $2500 from my friends at oneworld. So, basically, until 2.5 billion people click on my Google Ads, I won't get to go. Get clicking people!

I'm Back

So, I know it's been quite a while since I have posted this summer. I think I'll blame it on being so bored this summer. Literally, all I have been doing is working and sitting around my house all day long. Aside from a few Red Cross trips, one to Washington, DC and the other to Phoenix, it has been the same boring routine.

My first trip at the end of July to Washington, DC was pretty exciting. As always, I used my carrier of choice, American Airlines. The day I arrived in DC, I presented to the 30 Presidential Interns who are working at the American Red Cross National Headquarters this summer. The next day, I met with the Executive Director of the Office of the National Chair of Volunteers. This was an amazing opportunity. The nice thing was that in addition to my meetings, I also got to meet up and go to dinner with my good friend Shana at her new apartment in Arlington. The day I left, I got to have lunch with my friend Susie from school. She lives near Shady Grove, a short Metro ride from Washington.

My second, and most recent trip was just last weekend to Phoenix. Luckily, I didn't melt to death, despite the record-high temperatures. The highlight of this trip, besides the Red Cross National Youth Council meeting, was the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. Let me tell you. . .this bed is far more than amazing. Crisp cotton sheets, a feather blanket and duvet, a soft duvet cover, and 4 hypoallergenic feather pillows all topped off by the Sheraton Signature Pillow makes it a real treat for catching some z's.

Well, I am at work and must actually get some work done. (Imagine that.)