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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fall into the ________

Well, I'm back at school now, but at San Antonio College. At the recommendation of the university, I decided to take some time off from Texas State to refocus my education goals and assist my GPA in becoming a larger number. It's kind of entertaining, living at home again. . .nice to have home-cooked meals all of the time, but on the flip side, I pay rent for this amenity. I am also working at the Gap (I won't tell you which location to fend off potential stalkers). This have proven to be an enjoyable experience so far. I was really impressed with how organized the company is when it comes to training and procedures for doing things. In past employment, things like this have always been in shambles. Surprisingly, I have not spent a dime at the store, even with my lucrative discount package, since I have been employed there. We'll see how long that lasts. School is going well so far, I'm rounding out the first week tomorrow. It is very interesting how SAC is very much like high school on steroids - everyone hanging around in their little groups and girls getting all dressed up in 100 degree weather for the first day of school. My ultimate plan is to transfer to UTSA in about a year and finish up my degree there. I am still staying true to my original intentions of studying marketing and entering the field of branding. On the Red Cross front, that volunteer work continues. I was re-elected as the Vice Chair of the National Youth Council. This year is my last year on the council, so it's all about creating and working on projects that will have a lasting legacy long after my term is over.