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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

T-Minus 12 Hours

ok. . .so. . .i have 12 hours until i leave san marvelous to go to austin to get on a plane to go to washington, dc for my red cross meeting. suprisingly, there is still bunches to do. right now, i am working at the front desk at beautiful brogdon hall. i dont get off for another hour. after that, i plan on fulfilling my hunger. then, i have a staff meeting with all the wonderful ra's here. i love my staff. my staff loves each other. my staff loves me. its great. then, i have to do laundry and then pack. somewhere in between, i will manage to dominate in halo 2. its such a great game. i rock at it. ok, so maybe not so much. . .but i did manage to have a consistent killing rate in each game i played yesterday night. oh, i almost forgot. i also am going to have to give zbigniew, my fish, to my wonderful fish sitter, sam. sam is great. hopefully zbigniew wont perish over the weekend or become sushi.
i feel that thanks to dr. paula's expert airline flying advice, i am well prepared for my flight on "united airlines/operated by united express/operated by mesa airlines". this over-claimage of flight operation is cuh-razy. dr. paula of chico, california has advised me that i should fear my life, regardless of what safety precautions i take because of the fact that i will be travelling on a canadair regional jet 700.
specifically, dr. paula has advised me to do the following:
-stay in my seat as much as possible. only leave to perform emergency bodily functions.
-make friends with the cabin crew members, if they even exist . some aircraft are so small that they do not require the presence of glorified waitresses that are tasked with life-saving responsibilities in the unlikely event of an emergency.
-do not eat the in-flight peanuts if they are not properly sealed. improperly sealed peanuts may merely be a ploy to get passengers to spend more time in the lavatory.
-do not spend massive amounts of time in the lavatory. in the unlikely event of an emergency, you could get stuck in the lavatory. additionally, you are putting youself at risk for getting massive amounts of d-germ, that special blue liquid all over you. you could even drown it it.
dr. paula is available for custom consultations. if you would like one, please let me know.
anyways. . .im going to go now. . .ill update later. . .goodnight. . .

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


This is Ralph, coming to you live from the Beretta Hall front desk with an important piece of breaking news. I have just received word that Sandy, the most awesome chair-select in the world is coming to San Antonio in December. Once again, Sandy, who attends Berkeley, is coming to San Antonio in December. We'll have more details to follow as this story continues to develop. In the meantime, we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

25 Million Dollar Crap

so. . .it seems to the beginning of another beautiful day in san marvelous, tx! last night was boring for the most part because i had to work at the front desk for five hours. i spent the last hour of that watching this stupid new show on nbc called the 25 million dollar hoax. this show is so extremely pointless. nbc seriously wasted their money on the private jet, the limos, the resort, etc. . . the family is all so stupid because the feel as if they should get some of the money too. the girl is dumb because she was seriously second guessing her committment to go on with the show and win the prize. i honestly do not understand how a family of like 15 people can all live in one house. like i said. . .its a pointless show without any storyline or serious plot. nevertheless, i will probably find myself watching it again next week because of the fact that lax has been moved to wednesdays.
in a little less than 48 hours from now i will be well on my way to washington, dc for yet another red cross meeting. for those of you who don't know me all that well, i am involved with the american red cross at the national leadership level. anywho, i am predicting a weekend of fun and cold weather. fear not. . .i will be updating the entire weekend. well, i must get going. i have a business law test to study for. have a teriffic tuesday!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Three times. . .one day

. . .so. . .i'm back again. it's been an uneventful day for the most part. i had strawberry pancakes this morning at commons. it was kinda strange because i have never had strawberry pancakes before so yeah. ra class was seemingly dull. . .we learned about eating disorders and self image. so many people think that i have some kind of eating disorder just because i am so small. for those of you who know me, this just can't be possible. i eat constantly. all day. oh well. well i must head to the dry cleaners to drop off some shirts i need to get done before my trip to washington, dc on thursday. it's gonna be great! have a great monday evening!


So. . .over four hours later. . .i have tried to sleep without much success. Also, i didn't get much done on those three essays. I find that i am watching CNN beacause its the only thing on. Oh well. I'll update later.
(btw the best movie of all time: )

The beginning

So. . .i think this is like my third attempt to have a blog. . .the last two withered away because i am lazy. Hopefully this one will actually survive. . .we'll see. I really didn't do a whole lot today. I went to bed around 4 am and then got a rude awakening at 1 pm because i was covering someone's on call. I had to go unlock the front desks for the deskworkers. I went back to my room and tried to get on the internet but it wasn't working. Appearantly the network on this side of campus was scheduled to be down today. . .i guess i didn't get the e-mail about that one. So, i went back to bed and woke up again at 6. I talked to some folks online. . .showered. . .talked some more. . .got dressed. . .talked some more. . .and then ate. Ever since then i've been talking online. . .exciting, eh? Well, i think i'm going to get back to my history essay that is late and my two ra class essays that are late as well. goodnight