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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Germans are here!

So it's Saturday. Yesterday, I went to the airport with my brother Sean, and my exchange student Paul to pick up Paul's parents and brother from the airport. It seemed like forever but they finally came. Then, it took an eternity for the baggage to start going around the carousel. Then, we took all the baggage out to the car and Sean and Paul's brother, Stefan, drove home. Meanwhile, Paul, his parents, and I went back to the terminal to the Alamo-Rent-a-Car counter to pick up their van that they had rented. That line took forever because there was only one person working and it was a Friday afternoon so all the tourists were arriving into San Antonio. Finally we got all the paperwork completed and we went to catch the rental car shuttle bus. When we were approaching the bus, Paul's dad thought that it was the van he had rented. . .It was funny. We finally got their car and drove home. . .With his dad driving. That was a bit scary because in Germany, the traffic lights are before the intersection, not across them like they are here. We managed to get home in one piece where fresh Two Peppers pizza was waiting for consumption. After dinner, Sean, Paul, Stefan and I went to the Quarry to Amy's Ice Cream, which is quite delicious. After that, we ran into Alex and Brandon, friends from high school who I haven't seen in ages. After catching up with them. We proceeded on to the parking lot next to Alamo Stadium where one can get a seemingly spectacular view of downtown. After the downtown photography was complete, we continued on to WAL*MART, because, for our foreign visitors, this was a destination in itself. You see, in Germany, stores like WAL*MART are only starting to appear in the market. The quaint mom and pop stores still dominate Saturday's shopping, hopping from store to store to pick up the necessities. WAL*MART, however, is a on-stop shop for everything. Some say that if it ain't at WAL*MART, then it doesn't exist. Well, now I must go because I am at work and our IT person has just arrived to repair our server. More later.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Boring Friday

So it's Friday, and it's boring. Got up at 7, showered, and went to work. Worked, came home, ate lunch, and here I am. My exchange student's parents and brother are coming to San Antonio to visit for a few days. I didn't know Sandy was leaving for Europe today until she called me en-route. There's so much to take care of before she leaves, or at least it appears that way to me. Today sucks because it's kinda gloomy outside and extremely humid. One of those days where it looks like its going to start raining any second all day long. Well, work is waiting for me, so I must return. I really wish I could have put that the limo was waiting at the door to take me to my private jet which was waiting for me, but no, thats not my life. No definite travel plans at the moment. Washington, DC sometime either June or July, followed by Washington, DC or Phoenix in early August. I have over 30,000 miles on American, so if anyone can think of a really cool way for me to use them, let me know. . .I'm open for suggestions. Okay, off to work.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Yet another attempt at a blog. Maybe this one will survive. It's kinda like blog survivor.

(Note: posts appearing prior to this have been migrated from my xanga. I'm trying to have some kind of continuity.)