My life is brilliant. . .

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You know you work or have worked at Gap 9010 if you've. . .

  • called 9002 every 5 minutes to avoid the endless hold
  • drowned out the music from neighboring department(s) with your own
  • cleaned 32 different mirrors on an opening shift
  • witnessed an arrest for PI in front of the store
  • been unable to stop a grab and run
  • had to loan markdown guns to the BR a couple of doors down
  • had to go 24 hours without online registers because someone broke a keyboard
  • been eaten alive by fitting room dust bunnies
  • grown tired of people complaining the skinny black pant doesn't make them look like Audrey Hepburn
  • done whatever it takes to meet a daily gapcard goal
  • eaten Chipotle way too many times
  • had to remind certain P200 stores in the district that 9010 isn't a P200 (even though it should be)
  • gotten tired of walking back and forth countless times between body and baby
  • eaten the best eggrolls in the world
  • had your name misspelled countless times

Friday, September 01, 2006

Above all else

While I was at work today, I had some time to reflect on my core values at the Gap. I believe that above all else, my goal is to ensure that 100% of our customers receive the most exceptional customer service ever. It's not really that difficult to do this. Ninety percent of exceptional customer service is in the details. We're all about getting people to sign up for gapcards, but I feel that if our customers aren't 100% satisfied with the service they received, then there should be no reason for us to even assert the slightest pressure on them to sign up for a gapcard. The main goal of a gapcard is getting Gap repeat business, but if a customer has one ounce of dissatisfaction, why would they come back to our store? The store may be a mess, the stock might suck, the AC might be broken, but all I am going to be worried about as a first priority is making sure each customer feels like they are our one and only customer.